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On the Way to a Conference with a Difference

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

There are times you just need to deliver the work and then learn what it was all about afterwards. Fortunately, the clients were happy, so that’s how my journey into Organisation Design started. I kept hearing references to “OD” and wanted to know more. Working at a Life Sciences company at the time, I was advised that it could refer to “overdose”. Not deterred, I continued with successfully delivering transformation programmes and change projects for international companies. Along the way, new definitions were starting to appear, including “Org Dev” and “Org Des”.

I could learn a lot and build expertise in Organisation Development. However, reflecting on some of the situations I’d been brought in to resolve, I kept thinking that getting the structure right could have averted some of the problems the client had been struggling with. Wanting to be more informed (as well as less stressed!), I became curious about and interested in Organisation Design.

By good fortune, I discovered about the European Organisation Design Forum @EODF, and after the warmest welcome, found a treasure trove of expertise, resources, and information. Not to mention their events programme!

Committed to continuing professional development, I’ve attended various conferences over the years. Many followed a similar format; hear the opening address, sit and listen to various keynote speakers, take some notes, go for dinner and then a few drinks in the bar. Often times, it’s the people there who have made it worthwhile, as the topics fade into distant memory.

Not deterred, I’ve signed up for the @EODF 10th Annual Conference, which promises to be memorable. Beginning with pre-conference workshops on relevant topics, the theme “Designing and Leading Technology Enabled Organisations” is right on point, the programme is practical, with an award-winning MC, keynote speakers who have actually done the work, with case studies to collaborate on and Open Spaces sessions throughout the 2 days. There’s the extra benefit of a gala dinner to celebrate their double-digit anniversary.

Many thanks to @Julia Flower, @Manfred della Schiava, @Nick Richmond and @Stuart Wigham for their help so far and really looking forward to seeing you there!


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