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​Organization Design & Development

  • Designed and facilitated Organization and Strategy Development interventions with gamification and behavioural science (expedited launch to market by 6 months)

  • Designed the new Global Indirect Procurement organization; implemented the career framework, and pioneered digital and blended learning for professional development (EUR220k, 150+ employees)

  • Sponsored Organization Design and Review for Non-Profit –realised 138% year-on-year income growth

Transformation & Change

  • Designed and implemented R&D Project Management organization and career development programmes – sponsored by the CTO (30% savings, CHF 1.1m, 660 participants, 20 countries)

  • Initiated global Culture Change programmes with executive sponsorship, management reporting and team workshops (CHF540k, 14,000 employees)

  • Transformed Global Internal Auditing into a best practice internal consultancy and talent platform – mandated by the Chairman and CEO

Strategy & Performance

  • Designed, built and delivered the new regional Commercial Effectiveness and Market Access organisation. Introduced digital solutions, virtual teamwork and data analytics

  • Designed and implemented the L&D Balanced Scorecard & Operational Dashboard (showcased by Gartner)

  • Realised the transition from a centralised training department to career-focused learning solutions provider and raised performance of the regional IT faculty (CHF500k savings; CHF4.5m and 4,000 employees)

Leadership & Talent Development

  • Designed and implemented Recruitment and Talent Management strategies – built talent pools and succession plans aligned to business objectives (annual growth of 255% year-on-year)

  • Delivered Director and General Manager leadership programmes, with digital solutions for business development, assessments and coaching - sponsored by the SVP Region IO (EUR1.4m)

  • Project team leadership and executive coaching – Algeria, Australia, Denmark, India, Morocco, Philippines, The Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, UK, USA

To discuss your specific requirements, drop me a line or book a call into my calendar.

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