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a1 + b2 + c3 = R2: The Magic Formula for Trying Times

Inspired by my recent conversations with peer and role model @KarenCamilleri about life on either side of the interview table. The subject came to what it takes to survive, or even thrive, during these trying times.

When so much is uncertain, it can be especially difficult for the more technically oriented amongst us; with IQ’s in the top 2%, shamelessly successful at leveraging their expertise in models and methods, not to mention effortlessly skilled at applying proformas and processes that leave the rest of us shaking our heads in puzzlement.

However, when there’s no space between our ears, but plenty between projects, we too are left with shelves laden with books and manuals, hard disks full of reports, endless Powerpoints and a captive audience of one – ourselves.

Depending on your perspective, this is a challenge or an opportunity. At some point the phone rings again with offers, the inbox fills back up and the network calendar is so busy that we no longer need to buy our own food and wine at the supermarket. Until then, how can we stay work-fit and match-ready? What should we do to stand out and differentiate ourselves?

Although it’s scientifically unproven, here’s a guide to developing your own magic formula for trying times:

adaptable1 How can we adapt our offers to new delivery modes? How can we change our approach to work across new communication channels? What do we have in innovation pipeline that’s ready to brush up and bring out? Thoughts go to @GhislaineCaulat, whom I was lucky enough to learn from a few years’ ago. She persevered to establish best practices and build a significant body of work in virtual business and leadership development. That can’t have been easy, but she persisted, won respect and reaped rewards along the way.

benevolent2 What have we done to work on our personal and psychological processes? How have we continued to build connection and help others in our communities? Volunteering on the patient helpline for The @PituitaryFoundation does wonders for my listening and problem-solving skills; essential for Organisation Development and a Non-Executive Director. So much so that I could have saved someone’s life last week. That feels nice and gives the rest of my day a rosy glow.

contributed3 What have we done to keep contributing? Who gets to know about our services and solutions, whilst we’re “resting”. Although we might not know how someone has benefited from the goodwill we’ve shared. Even if you believe more in luck than fate, what goes around comes around, which has to start somewhere. So why not here and now?

resilience * resourceful2 These trying times will also come to pass, albeit later rather than sooner. Starting now and looking forwards, what do we want to be known for in 1 – 2 – 3 months’ time, instead of hibernating until it’s time to (re-)emerge: Ready to fight another day or pale-faced, brushing off the dust and blinking in the light? It doesn’t take a necromancer or rocket scientist to work out which your next client would prefer. So what’s in your magic formula?

Photo by wu yi on Unsplash


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